Beware Multiple 29Prime Scam Sites! has had a huge amount of duplicate websites and article sites popping up. One reason for this type of practice would be to get away from the negative publicity and real customer reviews. Another reason is that it has long been the business model of Russell Wallace companies to not pay employees and keep everyone on commission only process and just give them 1099’s at the end of the year to escape paying for training,  healthcare, taxes, etc so they now have these independent sales contractors running their own sites. This helps them build a larger network and escape a lot of the bad press they are receiving from the bad business practices.

This list will be constantly updated so check back often!

Confirmed 29Prime sites and their affiliates/resellers/fellow scammers:

About 29primescammers
Another person that fell for the 29 Prime scam

20 Responses to Beware Multiple 29Prime Scam Sites!

  1. I have asked for a cancellation, it must be by phone so that they can have a chance to get you to change your mind. I am making this post to document that I have called twice to get a cancellation before my 60 days have expired with Google confirmation code. May 15th 2015 Google confirmed my code. Today is July 6th 2015, but no cancellation yet even though they told me on the phone I was cancelled and would receive a cancellation confirmation by email. IT NEVER CAME. – Oh yes, I am a webmaster and can do my own SEO and reputation repairs, was hoping to save some time… bad choice. Guess I will have to go on to the next step, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    DJ Leske

  2. Kurt Brandon says:

    I have been getting repeated phone calls about “updating my Google business listing” (I don’t have one). I press “2” to be added to the “don’t call” database, but the calls keep coming. Does this sound like something 29 Prime would be behind? Thanks.

  3. Joan says:

    It looks like they have surfaced in Salt Lake as Anyone else seen this?

    • No but thanks for the update. We will add that domain to our ever growing list.

      These guys are multiplying faster than cockroaches. It is a full on Russ Wallace scamming infestation fueled by greed and little else.

      • Preston Judd says:

        Be Locally SEO is not associated with 29Prime in any way and needs to be dis-associated As Soon As Possible. This is slanderous activity to make claims without pursuing the truth. Be Locally SEO is an individually owned and operated business founded in Salt Lake City. I am requesting that you take off your list now!

    • Michael says:

      They just opened a new office called E Tangelo

  4. Elmiguel Escobar says:

    I worked there for all of 6 hours the place is full of lies i saw right thru it.. When lunch time came i got in my car and went home smh what a waste of time….. the sell it as if its the best thing since the gold rush…beware beware this company needs to be exposed i kept the handbook if anyone wants a copy let me know lets expose this fruad of a company…..

    • Lucky that you got out so quick! Even though they scam a lot of businesses out of money the employees are also cheated out of a fair pay. Commission only on a phone sales job is almost unheard of! Getting so many people to work for free just so they can keep their lead generation source is starting to catch up.

      Good luck on the next job, hopefully it is a great opportunity!

  5. Clayton says:

    A big thank you, as well. These guys did the same Department of Google bit to my mother and she went for it. She paid over the phone and then called me to check them out. They were going by this time. She owns a beauty salon in Texas.

    The Choice One Seo website looks very convincing. The only problem I was seeing is that a google search did not have their website even on the first page. That was my first worry which made me dig a little deeper.

    • Well I hope your mom is able to get her money back and that her web presence isn’t adversely affected by the pages/tactics used by these guys.

      Let us know how it turns out we want to know how everything turns out and what you did so that others in the same boat are better able to get refunds or justice for the damages suffered.

  6. johnathon thomas says:

    Bill Board called me and took my info and was deciding what I wanted to do .Then that day with out my permission they sent me a receipt for $399 and never authorized it because I wanted to get some info about that company .Long behold was owned by PRIME 29 that was on receipt.Today I was called by SUMMIT SEM and sounds like a great deal and no contract. Look it up and again its PRIME 29 so I said to call me back and I am still waiting because I found this BLOG and wanted to let people to just BEWARE of this company …The sales person was great and don’t think that they know whats happening to the customer .But my experience was not a good one..ALSO they asked me for my bank account info and thats when the FLAGS want up.I don’t see any positives previews about PRIME 29 but maybe they will work for you but this was my experience …….GOOD LUCK AND HOPE THIS HELPS YOU !!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing, a lot of the employees are good people that just don’t know what damage they are doing in selling these services. What they are offering is actually free for you. You can go register with Google local yourself for free, it takes minutes and you don’t have to pay anything ever! Plus you can point it to your real website so people can find you better online.

      I hope you are able to get your money back, let us know what happens so others know what they can do to get their money back as well.

      • juaquin says:

        wow, so glad to find this blog, this is great info. I signed up with yodle then found out the companies track record and was fortunate enough to be able to cancel. Creative marketing SEO was another company that contacted me, their story sounded better than yodle, no contract, building a interactive website for $250.00 and a monthly payment of $130.00 to keep me on the front page of google. It sounds great but I see them on the list for aliases of prime 29. My question is, how can I find a legit seo company, website design and hosting? What are the ways for me to get to the front page my self? Thanks for your insight

  7. search engine optimization says:

    Wow, marvelous blog layout! How lengthy have you been running a blog for?
    you make blogging glance easy. The total look of your site is magnificent, let alone the content material!

    • It is a free blog, took 20 minutes to setup and about 10 minutes a month to keep updated. Funny how so little is able to compete with the big dollars being spent on reputation management for these scammers! If they just spent 10 minutes a month on their clients sites then they wouldn’t have these issues.

  8. Juliette says:

    I was duped by Billboard Local! Their sales rep guaranteed me service that was unable to be fulfilled, but because 29 Prime is a separate company they do not hold responsibility for the sales reps. If they call you, tell them to get better jobs.

    • Really sorry to hear about this! Sadly the “employees” are normally being victimized as well. A few of them stay on and scam everyone but most of the time these are people that are out of work and trying to find something. They are told they will get lots of commissions and sales are so easy because of the great service they offer and at first they actually believe it. Normally by the time they realize its a scam they have victimized a few businesses, worked for a few weeks, and made 0 income….

      Please don’t let this bad experience stop you though. You can easily get listed on Google local by just spending 5 minutes registering on their site! Honestly that is all the work that they do if they even do that! If you aren’t sure how send me a msg and I’ll help.

      Next please make sure you post your real review on Yelp, Google, and the BBB so that others don’t end up in the same spot you did!

      Lastly the money…. these guys are such scam artists they have found MANY ways not to refund money, they won’t refund you no matter what, if they say they will its only to string you along and bill your card a couple more times. You must call your CC company and let them know that you will NOT allow any more charges from these guys so if they do you can at least get the new ones reversed. Sadly if you ask to get it all reversed they will do that, but then these scammers will submit the terms and conditions of your “contract” and the money will be taken back out of your account and given back to them. You can only stop future charges at this point. Now most call it a loss, but there are a few that have been able to force these guys into giving a refund. It isn’t easy but it is the only way you can get your money back. What they did was take your money, KNOWING they couldn’t give you what they had promised. That is the important part, they don’t help anyone and they know it, they know that they are taking your money and not giving you a service in return. Because of that they can have trouble with the law. Please check out this link it was another customer that filled out the forms with the proper authorities and it prompted these con men to give him his money back!

      Please come back and let us know what happens. Best of luck!

    • 29 Prime is a scam, they get these guys to start up small companies in order to protect themselves and tell you that they can’t help. The truth is that they teach these guys to promise top page listings, and they don’t do anything to meet those promises. They are good at getting to keep your money even if you call your card company to reverse they will be able to win the dispute with a contract. We posted a story about someone who was able to get their money back and what they did to get it. Make sure you don’t listen to their “we will refund” non-sense they are just delaying as long as possible to bill you again! You need to stop them by calling your card company and ensuring they don’t allow future charges. Those you can get back if they bill again after you made that call.

  9. DK-AmostVictimized! says:

    Thank you so much for this! These guys called me with a computer msg that said they were a department of Google and that I needed to hold to and talk to a representitive to get my listing confirmed. After going through giving them all of my information they told me it would cost $1290 to get my website listed.

    I was about to go for this when the guy on the phone mentioned reliable places, a quick google search just to make sure they are on the up and up and found out they are part of this 29Prime thing that used to call me every day for almost a year trying to get me to do a $199 a month scam deal!!!!


    Thanks again. I hope EVERYONE out there finds this and doesn’t loose any money.

    • That is what we are here for! I am glad that you didn’t loose that money. I was working at this place when it was known as Reliable Listings reselling bogus services and remember that smaller monthly charge. I can’t even imagine that anyone could be scammed out of thousands. Makes this that much more urgent that we get the word out there.

      These guys have such a bad name they have to change company names often. They had such bad yelp reviews that they had to change from 29Prime to “Reliable Places” but that is starting to get real reviews posted too. I’m sure in a few months they will be moving to yet another.

      Best of luck to you!

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