Stop Using Complaint Sites

29Prime is spending a LOT of time and energy trying to add fake reviews and comments on all websites to increase their reputation. They are even trying to dismiss the bad press but the truth is getting out there despite the thousands of fake reviews and articles trying to flood the horror stories out of the search engines and out of view.

If you are or have ever been a customer or employee please take a few moments to post your real experiences on these sites! This WILL help and can stop these guys from hurting other people.

A rare opportunity to give the real information straight to the search engines and ensuring the reviews can’t get diluted with the thousands of fake reviews they attempt to make stick!

This is very important, Yelp is one of the few sites that these guys can’t manipulate with fake posts so they have started using multiple business names. Please post for each and make sure you mention that they are all just fronts for and Russell Wallace!

So many people check the BBB before purchasing! This is very important for you to report your customer or employment experience. We have tried finding all of their aliases with the BBB as well.

Complaint Websites:
These websites are highly ranked and the more real stories and experiences from clients and employees the more those results come up. A lot of people Google phrases like “29 prime scam” before signing up, or after having a bad experience to see what they should do next. Posting on these sites can be a great way to help stop 29 Prime once and for all!

Sometimes reviews can be rebutted, removed, or ignored by viewers. Please follow the following guidelines so that won’t happen to you and your new posting!

  • Only give accurate information. This way if 29Prime tries to claim it is a lie/liable/defamatory it won’t be removed
  • Don’t use vulgar or angry language
  • Don’t call for or mention violence of any kind
  • Only write 1 review or it will be removed as duplicate
  • Please cut/paste the list of website copies they have created so switching names doesn’t allow them to victimize others using the new names / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

About 29primescammers
Another person that fell for the 29 Prime scam

4 Responses to Stop Using Complaint Sites

  1. jose says says:

    It is call 29 prime but, the real name should be ( 29 crime) this supposedly company are criminals, scammers big time!!! and I hate does mother fuckers, they robe my money and my time, this is a bullshit company I hope that someone bring them down very hard,because they destroyed everything that I had build for years for my company, and now I don’t have nothing because of them, now I have to star all over again. I am sorry but I am so mad and I know that so many people will agree with me.

    • How did they destroy yor business? What kind of business did you own? I had started a month ago for 1 dollar and I am 3 days away from being charged and they don’t even have my business listings correct. I have called and emailed several times and just got someone today. I told her to cancel and she won’t let me. I told her I better not be charged. But looks like I made a mistake and I am in trouble

  2. Christine says:

    I was scammed for 4 months I cancelled and they charged me for the whole month and they didothing they promise, no improvement in business nd everytime I called they said we are adding new products to boost your placement, you have to give it time. They promised everything and delivered nothing. The guy that signed me up should get an academy Award, he spends all his holidays voluteering at Soup Kitchens and he wouldn’t work for a company if they weren’t reputible.
    Thank you
    All That Glitters Antiques

    • I am sorry to hear that. I hope you are able to get your money back and that your web presence isn’t hurt by the spam pages they create for you.

      Best of luck! Let us know how everything goes and if you are able to get refunded.

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