Google Search Saves More Reliable Places Victims!

The scam truck

Don’t let Reliable Places scam you too!

I came across this story and realized how important all of the customer stories being posted really is.  If you have been defrauded by these guys taking a few minutes to write your experience and posting on the complaint boards/review sites will actually help stop others from being victimized.

Russell Wallace has  had to change his companies name several times over the years to get away from the bad publicity because the truth is that the only thing that can stop them is the truth about their business dealings. The law, the complaints, and everything else hasn’t seemed to have an effect as you look back at his more than a decade of scamming businesses and sales people. The only constant is having to change names every few years because no amount of scrubbing can clean that tarnished reputation.

You can read the story here,  this poor customer was actually considering joining this scam service but first googled this companies name… Now a real SEO company with great results should not only be at the top of the search engines for their target customers to find, but there should also be a huge group of happy customers thanking them for all of the great results. Just think about it, if a company really produces huge exposure and clients for your business you would write some really great reviews and be happy to be one of the examples for them to show other potential clients! Well a quick search revealed the truth behind these scammers and saved this customer from making the mistake so many others have made.

Please if you have been scammed by these guys, either as a customer or as a sales person please take the time to tell your story in the appropriate forums. If everyone took the time to leave real reviews and stories of their experience these guys would quickly stop being able to take advantage of anyone.

You can find the best places to post your experiences with Russell Wallace and his company of many names in the links below:
The many names of Russ Wallace’s scam companies
The places you can share your experiences & leave reviews

About 29primescammers
Another person that fell for the 29 Prime scam

4 Responses to Google Search Saves More Reliable Places Victims!

  1. Arie says:

    These guys called me today. One guy told me their name was 29prime, the other guy I spoke to said it was 29p.
    I’m almost gave them my credit card info- in fact I if already given them the first 4 digits, when I decided it was just too fishy and I couldn’t go ahead. I told the guy I had another call coming in and to call me back in 3 minutes. I googled them, and am so glad I did!! I realized I almost got scammed.

    When he called back I told him I had googled them and saw their terrible reviews. He then asked me if I had gone to the website 29p.come. He asked me several times. So I believe “29p” is their new alias.

  2. Marko says:

    I am a former employee that was only here for 2 weeks, but in that time the company fired/forced resignations from almost 300 employees. When they interviewed me they promised me $500 per week as a guaranteed salary, plus commissions that were equal to 75% of the up front sale and a residual of 50% of your monthly fee, which could lead to a nice income. However, the companies business model is to screw you and the employees too. If you do make the cut and build up your residual to a certain income they fire you so that they can keep 100% of the monthly residual.

    Red flags started going off from day 3 here. So when I researched what they are really selling is a local google business listing, which google offers for free, yet they tell you they will create an amazing website for you and get that site to the 1st page of google. Not true!

    Get ready because it looks like Russ Wallace, CEO is going to be rebranding this company for a 5th time in the last 10 years because the 29Prime has so much bad press so he wants a fresh start. AVOID Doing Business with Russ Wallace and his partners they are crooks.

    • This is the same experience that we have all had. We are happy to sell a valued service and honestly believe that the pay will be fair, and the clients will be amazed and happy. You are lucky to have gotten out so early. Not only will the employees get cheated out of pay, the customers that you do sign up will be damaged by what you have sold them. Canceling the payments is next to impossible, getting the huge amounts of money back almost never happens, in most cases nothing has been done (actually better than what comes next), and those unlucky enough to get that “custom website” and have Google Local tied to it have the nightmare of attempting to gain access to their now high jacked Google Local account! (not always easy to do for unsophisticated users).

      It looks like Russell Wallace will never learn. Another name change. Not shocking but if only he would spend the same time, energy, and money on actually paying his workers and giving a valued service then we wouldn’t have blogs like this anymore! Some scammers will never learn.

  3. Pirnia says:

    You need to file at internet crime complaint center at also email to the BBB and submit your consumer review, They will post your recent experience with 29 Pime/OC Listing and Bee Visible on their public website, so other prospective customer can read it.

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