29Prime Customer Experiences: “Previous Customer”

Submitted from our anonymous 29Prime customer comment form:

In addition to knowing someone who works there… i had an account. they continue to charge customer’s accounts after they cancel. they have a long list of accounts that are eligible for a refund, but will not send a refund. they use a guarantee but don’t deliver if the guarantee isn’t met. they will not refund pre-paid accounts. they don’t really pay attention to details on accounts until a customer like me calls to complain. the biggest issue is that they take advantage of customers who don’t speak english well. this company needs to be shut down or change their way of doing business. – Previous Customer”

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12 Responses to 29Prime Customer Experiences: “Previous Customer”

  1. Toni says:

    I just sued 29 Prime in federal district court is San Diego. I sued 29 Prime for Racketeering and violations of the TCPA for telemarketing. The case number is 15 CV 1850 if you want to go on pacer and follow it.

    29 Prime is also being sued in the Northern District of CA 14CV00550

  2. Amy says:

    I’m pleading with you right now if you are about to get in business with this people. Pls don’t do it, they are liars and a scam, they give you a good offer that is almost impossible to say no but, trust me, save yourself and say no. It’s a scam, all they want is your money….. Please!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T EVEN TRY IT

  3. Aaron Hugelier says:

    I had the same experience. They promised the moon, completely fell short of those promises, then refused to give me a refund even though their ‘guarantee’ says otherwise. Horrible company, don’t waste your money.

  4. will says:

    Omg i think something need to be done. i own 1st class towing LLC. i been with this company from Jan /15. i have not gotten any kind of referal from them at all. All the money I payed for nothing they even put the business address to my home and i got people coming to my home looking for the car we impounded. the person they had did not even understand inglish very well. nothing they promesed was ever done. i requested a refund and i guess im not going to see it but i hope some one does something about this. because im going to fight for my money even if i have to spend more money but these people are not going to keep doing this to new business owners that are trying to get up on there feet.

  5. Avi Gvili says:

    I have the same problem I did cancel my account five months ago still charging me $159 every month I just spoke to customer service in Philippines …what kind of business you dealing with them people 29 prime
    big scam be aware!!!!!!’l

  6. Laura says:

    I joined 29Prime on July 7, 2014 and found this site on July 18, 2014 and cancelled my account immediately. Like the above comment, the salesman was good enough to get my credit card information from me without my doing any background research (NEVER AGAIN). I was guaranteed a 60 day money back guarantee if I was not happy. The only thing I received for my $150.00 was a bunch of scam telephone calls, a cheesy website (which would have taken a monkey 30 minutes to create, and that was pretty much it. In my cancellation email, I asked for my refund. I received an email from Bridgette today stating that in accordance to their terms and conditions (which I did not see prior to signing up) that I would not receive a refund.

    I cancelled my credit card just in case they charge my card again next month (as I’ve seen them do with other posters).

    I think I am going to also turn them into internet crimes as they did not perform the services that they were suppose to.

    I wished I had found you guys before!

    • 29 prime scam must stop .pleas don’t work with them and don’t answer they pohn call’s
      29 prime charge me even i cancel.the service 2 minut leader.i am still trieng to get my mony buck.

  7. Maria says:

    Omg I had my company with 29 prime 4 months and I got no calls what’s so ever. And I decided to cancell. So today they called me n I made up my mind to try it again. I just so this scams and comments I cancelled again. What a freaking scam and rip off.

  8. dirtblasters says:

    Wow this blog just saved me from being ripped off! I just spent almost 2 hours with a salesman and he was good. I mean perfect for their scam. Maybe even a star in their eyes. His name was Jay. I thought is was legit after he even gave me his cell # and I just closed my eyes and hoped it wasn’t a scam and gave my credit card. He even wanted to join in the call with my wife and did to do this! After that I received an email to confirm everything and e sign the contract,
    Then I found this post and forum. So the next day I asked the guy at OneWytLocal, the guy with a response to any questions I had the earlier day one question. Can I get 1 referral? He named off GIANT corporations only. So I said I have no way to verify these so just give me a plumber, an electrician or carpet cleaner anywhere in the US. Just one, any business at all. He went silent. After I said this is a red flag he started fumbling and short circuiting naming off Firestone, Sears, At&t and others. I asked one more time and he was again silent. Nothing said. He then said he was sad to waste his time with someone who doesn’t understand business. Than I hung up. Hahh! LOL.
    Thanks for this site it saved my kids from hardship.

    • Glad to hear it! You can get listed on google and bing local by just registering and ensuring your site has your contact information listed. (Hours, address, phone numbers, etc)

      It will take you 10 minutes on each search engine and you don’t pay a penny ever.

      Good luck with your site!

  9. uiru says:

    has anyone contacted IC3, Internet crime complaints?
    Was there any outcome from it?

    • If you read some of the stories from the ex-customers there are a few that have turned this in to the state attorney, and to the FBI which has produced a refund for that customer but I haven’t heard of anything actually coming from the actions. It might take a lot of complaints and evidence before they are able to take action.

      We just hope people educate themselves before doing business with any marketing company so that they don’t go through some of the troubles that others have gone through.

      Please keep us updated on what happens in your case, it gives others in the same place some idea of what they can do to get their money back and their online reputation back on track.

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