List of 29 Prime Sites/Affiliates/Fellow Scammers Updated

Sorry for the delay it is hard to keep up with these slippery little scammers! They multiply faster than cockroaches.

The original list has been greatly updated:

If you have some others to report shoot over an email or comment and we will get it added.

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Another person that fell for the 29 Prime scam

10 Responses to List of 29 Prime Sites/Affiliates/Fellow Scammers Updated

  1. Eric says:

    I experienced one of the worst, what I call a scam, from 29 Prime. They were suppose to give me a 30 day trial on advertising my business on the front page of google, yahoo, and several other search engines in several surrounding cities. I constantly called inquiring about the ads that were not there, and kept getting a promise that it would be straightened out. They kept debiting my account for $99 until I put a stop to it, and complained. Not only did I get a representative who was very rude and unprofessional, but she told me that because they were managing a google plus page ( that I created), that that was justification for charging my $99 per month. REALLY! I know I was born in a day, but not yesterday. She then canceled my subscription, hung up on me, and did not attempt to resolve the issue!!!! BEWARE of 29 Prime!!

  2. lizzie says:

    This company doesnt deserve to even have 1 star. Prior signing, they keep calling and bragging how their seo company is better than others… After debiting my account they never call or email me with the contract or log in and been its been a week now.. Ive been calling them to cancel my account since they didnt do anything and experiencing bad customer service… No one wants to help me… keep putting me on hold for l9ng period of time and hanged up… I wish, i listened to yelp… BEWARE! Finally spoke to a live person who assisted me cancelling me account, but she was irritated because I want to cancel my account and she can’t change my mind.. Next day, they called and said they will only refund 80% percent bacause of early cancelation .. This company is a SCAM, they didnt even touch my account, no phone calls from them since I signed up… then they dont want to give me full refund… Cant imagine, they can sleep at night knowing they just getting people’s money… SAVE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY, DO NOT EVEN THINK TO SIGN UP WITH THE COMPANY…. CHANGING THEIR NAME FROM 29P.COM TO 29PRIME.COM THEN ON YELP LOCAL CHOICE SEO…

  3. Just got a call from 29Prime rep. They asked me to go to there web site and to click on any promotion package and they gave me a promo code to sign up at any time. I told them I didn’t get what they were selling and then the rep said advertising for your business that is on Google now. I told him I was not interested in advertising at this time and then he just said ok. This scam site has made me a little concerned about what the intent was to get me to see the price change and then just let me get off the phone. Can they access information from my computer or sign you up without getting your authorization with a free trial or something? Where is the police when they need to be shutting these people down who are scamming others?

  4. Debbie says:

    I fear I must add my name to the list of those scammed by 29 prime. DO NOT TRUST the most sincere reps that assure you they are YOUR agent and YOUR satisfaction is their main concern…..good luck with that one. Heard it from 4 different agents and never could get resolution! Over charged by 100 each month and they kept saying it was being resolved and by the close of business i would get my refund…..guess what. we rolled into the 2nd month where I was overcharged and by the time i got someone to help – i had been told i would be satisfied by the end of the day (again) i had to call back 5 times!!!!! oh and then they told me it was a “misunderstanding” and that I did owe the 199 a month and not the 99 a month they told me.

    These guys are scammers for sure – stay far far away with your money or I guess you deserve what you get!

    • We are so sorry to hear about that! Read a few of the posts here there are customers that get their money back but it is never from a voluntary refund.

      Also watch out, most of the tactics will be to stall you so they can continue charging your card. Best thing to do is call the bank and let them know you were defrauded, and also let them know you do not want to be liable for future billing. You most likely won’t win the appeal for the old charges but this will protect you for the future charges.

      Best of luck and please let us know what happens. All information on resolved conflicts helps the future victims keep some money away from these scammers.

  5. Michael says:

    GLF Dental Marketing is really SCAM Rip Off Report

    • We haven’t seen this before, but it does seem a lot like another Russell Wallace scam. We will check it out in more detail.

      Thanks for the heads up. You can see we have over 30 other “affiliate” sites from these seo scammers.

    • Jessica says:

      How do you know that GLF Dental Marketing is a scam? Did you have personal contact with them? Curious as they just pitched to us today and it sounded very good, and I’m doing research on them

      • I actually am not familiar with that company but the ones listed on this blog all are resellers/new names for the old scam sites trying to sell Google Local as SEO services. Look through all of the images of the sites here and you can see that we have over 30 listed, all look very VERY similar and all are the same scam.

        Good luck and good job on doing the homework FIRST! šŸ™‚

  6. Michael says:

    29prime SCAM – this company and owner Russel Wallace purposely sold a ” dream ” to many call centers and business owners. He sold them the dream that if they sold alot of clients on seo, he would FULL FILL the product on the backend. He never did anything and this was on purpose. He then let them all cancel while collecting 2-3 months of monies from the clients. Then after they cancel, he calls them back with another company to RE SELL them under his own secret company called ” win backs “. Russel effectively screwed all his resellers and the clients. In the end he took the clients money. His sales room/partners money. And never paid anyone. Russel scammed over 20 business owners out of millions of dollars, as well as 42,000 consumers out of their monthly payemnts. Knowing he was providing nothing. Sounds like a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

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