What is this site about?

The purpose of this website it to expose the truth behind 29 Prime (29Prime.com) so that unknowing website owners don’t fall victim to the bad business practices. Here the main focus will be to get information to all previous customers so that they can help stop this from happening to others, and to get this information out to new customers considering their services.

What topics will be covered?

  • Sales techniques used by 29 Prime
  • Deceptive practices and promises
  • What services 29 Prime offers and how those work
  • Why the services are not working for so many of the clients
  • How you can get yourself doing better on the search engines for FREE
  • Reputable alternatives if you are unable or unwilling to do the work
  • Real stories from ex and current customers
  • Real stories from ex and current employees
  • Information about the team that is behind a lot of these deceptive practices
  • What ex customers can do to maximize the possibility of a refund
  • Resources and sites that ex customers can post reviews on to help others avoid the problems they went through
  • Real contact information so that you can actually reach 29 Prime and not a spoofed number

Please remember that this site is meant to help people and give the real information behind this company. This is not a site for competitors to post unfair comments, or cheated customers to extract revenge by exaggerating. Any comments that are found to be untrue or promote violence will be removed. We do understand that a lot of people feel that they have lost a lot of money and had their businesses hurt, which can trigger deep emotions but we ask that you please stay on point and give an accurate account of your experiences.

Who are we, and why are we creating this resource?

We are comprised of ex-employees and ex-customers. The reasons for coming together to create this are quiet simple, we feel bad for what has happened and want all of this to stop. You might not be aware but not all “employees” from 29 Prime are scamming liars out to destroy business while pocketing every possible penny! “Ex-employees” know about what customers go through but customers almost never know what the “employees” themselves have gone through! Take it from us there are almost as many “employees” victimized as the customers. Read a few of the stories and you will see what I am talking about.

As for my personal story I was with this company long ago when it was under another name. You will find that this company has gone through many of those. I was given a job with all of the promises in the world and I believed strongly in the services we offered. Unfortunately that zeal made many sales in the small amount of time I was there. Years later I have been contacted by multiple clients that I had sold services to and have found out the damage that I caused them and their businesses. This hurt and after we shared stories I felt that something had to be done. Luckily I really do know how to get this information on the search engines and how to stay ahead of the schemes deployed to hide the negative publicity of this company.

For every person this saves from loosing money, your welcome!
For every business this saves, your welcome!
For everyone we can help get their money back, your welcome!
And for all those that are helped with the free information, you are welcome!

That is the very reason we are here, and the only thing that we ask in return is that you take the time to share your story to help stop what happened to you from happening to someone else.

Join this 29Prime.com scam conversation!

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