List of 29 Prime Sites/Affiliates/Fellow Scammers Updated

Sorry for the delay it is hard to keep up with these slippery little scammers! They multiply faster than cockroaches.

The original list has been greatly updated:

If you have some others to report shoot over an email or comment and we will get it added.

29Prime Customer Experiences: “Previous Customer”

Submitted from our anonymous 29Prime customer comment form:

In addition to knowing someone who works there… i had an account. they continue to charge customer’s accounts after they cancel. they have a long list of accounts that are eligible for a refund, but will not send a refund. they use a guarantee but don’t deliver if the guarantee isn’t met. they will not refund pre-paid accounts. they don’t really pay attention to details on accounts until a customer like me calls to complain. the biggest issue is that they take advantage of customers who don’t speak english well. this company needs to be shut down or change their way of doing business. – Previous Customer”

2012 Visitor Stats For This Blog!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.


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Google Search Saves More Reliable Places Victims!

The scam truck

Don’t let Reliable Places scam you too!

I came across this story and realized how important all of the customer stories being posted really is.  If you have been defrauded by these guys taking a few minutes to write your experience and posting on the complaint boards/review sites will actually help stop others from being victimized.

Russell Wallace has  had to change his companies name several times over the years to get away from the bad publicity because the truth is that the only thing that can stop them is the truth about their business dealings. The law, the complaints, and everything else hasn’t seemed to have an effect as you look back at his more than a decade of scamming businesses and sales people. The only constant is having to change names every few years because no amount of scrubbing can clean that tarnished reputation.

You can read the story here,  this poor customer was actually considering joining this scam service but first googled this companies name… Now a real SEO company with great results should not only be at the top of the search engines for their target customers to find, but there should also be a huge group of happy customers thanking them for all of the great results. Just think about it, if a company really produces huge exposure and clients for your business you would write some really great reviews and be happy to be one of the examples for them to show other potential clients! Well a quick search revealed the truth behind these scammers and saved this customer from making the mistake so many others have made.

Please if you have been scammed by these guys, either as a customer or as a sales person please take the time to tell your story in the appropriate forums. If everyone took the time to leave real reviews and stories of their experience these guys would quickly stop being able to take advantage of anyone.

You can find the best places to post your experiences with Russell Wallace and his company of many names in the links below:
The many names of Russ Wallace’s scam companies
The places you can share your experiences & leave reviews

Reliable Places Career Scam!

Just when you thought Reliable Places aka 29 Prime aka Reliable Places and the 40 other aliases all led by Russell Wallace couldn’t get any worse! They are now trying to get around not paying employees by offering their services for resale hoping to have people cold calling from home and only being paid for the victims they are able to scam into the Reliable Places services!

This is all a push by Russ Wallace to get the attention off of his name and his company names. After all having to change company names every year to escape the bad business can be costly! With just a small amount of research you can easily find all of the scams that these guys have put together. This one has to take the cake though. The one weak link is that these guys don’t actually pay anyone, so it has always been a problem getting around the employment protections but setting this up as a multi level marketing and having each person take a new company name is ingenious! It can’t be tracked and the bad press falls on the small guys trying to start a business not on the people actually profiting from this scam!

Just look at the recent push to scam new people in! Here is a quick link that can show you exactly how far this goes.

Reliable Places is just another name for 29 Prime, which is just another scam setup by the con artist Russell Wallace. Before using these guys for anything SEO / Web Design / Employment just do 10 minutes of research on Google typing in their names followed by “reviews” or “scam” just to see how bad it actually is! They have gone through at least 10 names in the last 6 years that I have found and recently some ex employees tell me it is more than double that!

If you are looking for a job opportunity in these hard times the last thing you need is to fall for the Reliable Places job opportunity scam. Reliable Places isn’t offering you a career they just want you to setup a business in your name with the promise that you will “strike it rich” then to sell their SEO services to as many people as you can. After a few months you will find that they don’t actually pay what they promise, and even worse they don’t actually complete the services that YOU promised so you end up with no money and a ruined reputation with the customers you wanted to help actually filling complaints against you, slandering your name everywhere, and potentially harming future prospects you may have. Don’t let these guys ruin your reputation! If they had such a great service they wouldn’t need this scheme of not paying people, hiding their company names, changing names, and spamming the search engines. If they really could get people on the top of the search engines don’t you think they would be the most sought after guys on the net?! Just the word of mouth and continuing business would be enough. But this is a scam, they need to sign MANY people up a day to sell, and to buy from them just to keep paying their bills.

Good luck to all those looking for a job, and if you didn’t fall for the Reliable Places / 29 Prime  scams then job well done!

More Reliable Places Phone Scam Numbers

Reliable Places (

New phone numbers from the well known search engine scam company. They robocall you pretending to be Google, then when speaking to them try to say you misunderstood the message and that they are actually a Google Partner (also VERY untrue) and try to scam you out of your money.

Buyer Beware, Reliable Places is just another scam by the well known con man Russell Wallace! Another 29 Prime/Reliable Places/Russell Wallace Scam Site

Credit to the original poster:

It seems Russell Wallace is at it again. Another day another scam site. This looks to be some type of re-seller that actually has some web experience and has fallen for some of the crap being sold by 29 Prime or Reliable Places or whatever Russ wants to call his scam this month.

This site offers hosted websites at 199 a month, surely just a wordpress site that takes 20-30 minutes to create and seconds a month to keep updated…. so it costs them a whopping 30 bucks to create and he can collect for as long as you want to keep the site. People please don’t get scammed by these guys, the services they offer they won’t even complete for you. It is free and takes 5 minutes to get a local listing in Google…. no monthly charges…. thats it! And as for a website go to a real webmaster. If you are interested in what these guys are offering you can go to 4 bucks a month for the hosting and domain, and it comes with wordpress and free templates ready to go! You can do everything they are offering with just a couple of hours and save hundreds on your site each month!

As the post from the link above said “Don’t fall for this. It’s FREE to add yourself to Google Places/Google+, and it’s easy.”

Thanks for finding this one Carla!