Previous Employee Speaks Out

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Another scorned 29 Prime / Reliable Places / Russell Russ Wallace victim.

The actual post can be found here:

“This company is a complete scam. They are located in Irvine. I worked for them as a customer service rep. And they train you to lie to the customers. Hard working small businesses that pay for their marketing by monthly and they do nothing. I have seen it all. They take your money monthly and when you call to assistance they train the employees to hang up on you if you request a refund. I do no t recommend using this company at all. They promise to put you on Google front page but what they trick you with is Google maps. Please do not be fooled by this fraud company. If you are having issues contacting them. Please call and ask for Jaqueline> she is the customer service manager. Also any positive reviews that you see from them they are writing themselves. They have employees pose as fake business owners and write good reviews. They even paid the BBB to help with their ranking. Please go through all the reviews before signing up. Also another person to contact is Marcus. He is one of the trainers there.”

More great info, we have known for a long time that they write their own reviews and spend more time working on their bad reputation than actually providing a service for customers. That is why it is more important than ever that if you did any business with them or worked for them that you write a real review on Yelp, Google, and the BBB so that others don’t fall for this scam anymore! If all people can see is the fake reviews written by these guys and not the real dealings then many more will fall. 29 Prime led by Russell Wallace is looking to expand having thousands of people calling and spreading this scam.

Attention 29 Prime Employees (current and ex-employees)

Do you or did you work for 29 Prime or another Russell Wallace scam company as an “independent contractor”? Then you MUST read below!

29 Prime is just another scam from Russell Wallace. If you have worked there then you have already witnessed the operation and have been hurt by these guys. Russell has opened several companies all doing shady business using cold calling sales people that don’t get paid, a management team that doesn’t get paid but is supposed to pretend to, and then himself making a lot of money.

If you have had this happen to you don’t feel bad, your not alone there have been THOUSANDS! There is something you can do though. Russell Wallace and 29 Prime are breaking the law by not paying their work force! Russell has gotten very good through the years at trying to find loopholes to get hundreds of people at a time to work without paying. The way he has been attempting this is to claim that the employees are independent contractors. He has even been known to employ receptionists, assitants, and IT personel as independent contractors! This is completely illegal and it is cheating you out of a paycheck! It also creates tax problems for people not knowing how to file using their 1099, cheating you and the government out of social security taxes and workers compensation taxes.

So what can you do? You can ask the IRS to reclass the current “independent contractors” as employees so that all current 29 Prime employees will start getting paid! For ex-employees the IRS can collect the past taxes owed to your social security and other taxes that should have been paid. If enough people file on the same company name and address the IRS can audit and find if they are doing this to others which is exactly what should happen since they have so many “independent contractors”. Just print this, fill it out, and send it in. After that you don’t have to do anything else the IRS does the rest. Make sure you tell all other current and previous employees so that they will have to start paying their employees for the work and time that they put in!

So how does the IRS distinguish between employee or independent contractor? Well here is a link with some information but I’ll give you the major points that relate to 29 Prime employment.

Employee Vs Independent Contractor:

  • Need for on-site services. Requiring someone to work on company premises—particularly if the work can be performed elsewhere—indicates a possible employment relationship.
  • Flexibility of schedule. People whose hours or days of work are dictated by a company are apt to qualify as its employees.
  • Level of instruction. If the company directs when, where, and how work is done, this control indicates a possible employment relationship.
  • Demands for full-time work. Full-time work gives a company control over most of a person’s time, which supports a finding of an employment relationship.
  • Amount of training. Requesting workers to undergo company-provided training suggests an employment relationship since the company is directing the methods by which work is accomplished.
  • Sequence of work. If a company requires work to be performed in specific order or sequence, this control suggests an employment relationship.
  • Provision of tools and materials. Workers who perform most of their work using company-provided equipment, tools, and materials are more likely to be considered employees. Work largely done using independently obtained supplies or tools supports an independent contractor finding.
  • Requirements for reports. If a worker regularly must provide written or oral reports on the status of a project, this arrangement indicates a possible employment relationship.
  • Continuity of relationship. A continuous relationship between a company and a worker indicates a possible employment relationship. However, an independent contractor arrangement can involve an ongoing relationship for multiple, sequential projects.
  • Degree of business integration. Workers whose services are integrated into business operations or significantly affect business success are likely to be considered employees.
  • Extent of personal services. Companies that insist on a particular person performing the work assert a degree of control that suggests an employment relationship. In contrast, independent contractors typically are free to assign work to anyone.
  • Control of assistants. If a company hires, supervises, and pays a worker’s assistants, this control indicates a possible employment relationship. If the worker retains control over hiring, supervising, and paying helpers, this arrangement suggests an independent contractor relationship.

Just one or two of these being true can be enough for the IRS to find you were an employee and have 29 Prime pay all of the previous taxes they didn’t pay including your social security and workers comp taxes. As you can see from the list almost all of these describe the daily 29 Prime routine. Make no mistake Russell Wallace is VERY aware of all of this and still doesn’t pay his employees because it is so much more profitable for him to not pay!

Just for kicks here are some postings of previous employees from 29 Prime and other Russell Wallace scam companies.