Reliable Places AKA 29 Prime aka Russell Wallace Now Attempting to Scam Veterans!


These guys have a 2 way scam going. They hire hundreds of people each year promising commissions that everyone meets when in fact less than 2% of the company actually makes more than a thousand dollars working there! Then the other side of the scam are the businesses that are promised marketing services and exposure that they never receive. This all would be bad enough but now these guys have their sights set on veterans!

WE MUST STOP THESE GUYS, veterans have done enough for our us and we can’t just sit back while Russell Wallace and his band of con men hurt even 1 veteran! This scam should have been shut down a long time ago but now the idea that they are going to start conning hard working vets out of their reputation with a promise of pay that they will never receive!!!! This just can’t be allowed to go on.

Here is an article outlining the scam:

These guys post thousands of these up trying to hide the real reviews and reputations of their company but knowing that they are specifically targeting vets is a personal call to action that I hope each reader here will take.  This article says that 29 Prime will be taking advantage of veterans by partnering with “Virtcom Consulting” I am hoping that this means that Virtcom is unaware of the scam that Russell Wallace, 29 Prime, and ReliablePlaces actually are. Here is a quick link to their contact us page. Please make sure you fill it out and let them know the harm that can be done to the vets that are subjected to these guys!
CEO: Doug Freeman

Previous Employee Speaks Out

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Another scorned 29 Prime / Reliable Places / Russell Russ Wallace victim.

The actual post can be found here:

“This company is a complete scam. They are located in Irvine. I worked for them as a customer service rep. And they train you to lie to the customers. Hard working small businesses that pay for their marketing by monthly and they do nothing. I have seen it all. They take your money monthly and when you call to assistance they train the employees to hang up on you if you request a refund. I do no t recommend using this company at all. They promise to put you on Google front page but what they trick you with is Google maps. Please do not be fooled by this fraud company. If you are having issues contacting them. Please call and ask for Jaqueline> she is the customer service manager. Also any positive reviews that you see from them they are writing themselves. They have employees pose as fake business owners and write good reviews. They even paid the BBB to help with their ranking. Please go through all the reviews before signing up. Also another person to contact is Marcus. He is one of the trainers there.”

More great info, we have known for a long time that they write their own reviews and spend more time working on their bad reputation than actually providing a service for customers. That is why it is more important than ever that if you did any business with them or worked for them that you write a real review on Yelp, Google, and the BBB so that others don’t fall for this scam anymore! If all people can see is the fake reviews written by these guys and not the real dealings then many more will fall. 29 Prime led by Russell Wallace is looking to expand having thousands of people calling and spreading this scam.

Another month, another couple of victims file complaints

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Every month these guys are in business more people are hurt. For every customer angry enough to fight back think about how many just take the loss and move on! Not to mention the mess they have trying to get control of their profiles back from these guys and any damage being tied into their scam site might have done to their website and real ranking!


I hope this guy is able to get his money back! 400 a month for 4 months?! All they do is create a REALLY bad profile page and register you with Google to that page. You can do that yourself to YOUR webpage all free! It even has a better chance of ranking better as these guys are always trying to stay ahead of the google spam catching team. A bunch of profiles all coming from the same IP block is bound to get all of those poor people de-listed or worse! Not to mention once these scammers register for you getting the account back into your name takes a process!


Actually we will go over that process in the next post, that would be VERY helpful to people trying to pickup the pieces after being robbed by these guys. It appears Russell Wallace is trying to let others take the heat the article mentions their names but not his own. He is probably tired of telling people he is such a great entrepreneur that is a search engine and reputation “guru” and having them all laughing at him as they Google his name finding nothing but complaints or the spam he posts about himself trying to hide the truth!


I wonder how that lawsuit will go, it seems like it should be interesting to keep an eye on.


Yet another annoyed robo call victim

Adam with Chicago Carpet Cleaning service was called and told how horrible his business was. Dealt with by a very rude employee that harassed him and continued to call even after he politely told him that he wasn’t interested, and that he wanted off of their list.

These people are delusional to think you can call someone, tell them their business sucks, and if they say no thank you then tell them “good luck getting customers” or “good luck staying in business”!  News flash guys, if you act like that it just pisses people off it doesn’t push them to use you!!!! If you were a REAL service that gave REAL value then you wouldn’t need to be like that you would have so many customers you would be able to pick and chose the accounts you wanted to do!!! Like TV advertising, you don’t see those marketing reps calling and berating people because they have a valuable service that is sought after and the merits sell themselves.

Just admit it, you are a scam, reselling a failed model like 29 Prime was a horrible decision and learn from that to not fall for scamsters elsewhere. They opened the idea of you reselling so they could accomplish 2 things.
1: They don’t have to pay for employees (this is because they try to keep as much to themselves as possible knowing the hammer could drop any day and they are out of business)
2: They can hide their horrible reputation, google their company they changed the name several times over just a few years! Why? Because it is ruined. Now Google the owner Russell Wallace, he is spending a lot of time energy and money trying to FLOOD the internet with fake reviews, fake sites, fake everything to dilute the real company reviews, scam reports, etc. He knows changing business names is hard and only works for a year before enough of the new customers ruin that name with complaints!!! So the idea is to let YOU create a new company and have thousands they can’t all get reported quickly enough and sales can sky rocket! Also it is YOUR name that gets slammed and not his…. You are taking a lot of risk for a small amount of reward.

Yet another annoyed person on the 29 prime robo call list. At least the robo call now says to press one to be on the first page of google… they used to say that they were a department of google calling to verify your company information then would try to sell you front page rankings from their partner company 29 Prime…. Hard to believe anyone is even falling for this anymore just a simple search for their company name and you see what a sham these guys are. Glad to see someone else calling them out on it too!


A few days ago, I asked if anybody had a recording of the robocall. It sounds something like this

“Hi, if you like your business to be on the first page (or top) of Google, please press one, we are only calling one business per industry in your area, so don’t miss this opportunity…..”

When you press 1 to speak to a rep, some of us would ask “What is the name of your company”, and they immediately hang up. I have personally done this more than 3 times, same experience, in one case, the rep asked me why I want to know the name of their company.

I would hate to think there’s only one company out there and that they are 29 prime, but from the things I read, it could be (if 29 prime can come out and respond, OR, better yet, any company who does this…

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Guy keeps getting calls from the 29prime scammers and youtubes it. As you can see they don’t have the information in front of them there is just a huge robo call list that calls people and tells them to press a number to speak with a representative and just connects to someone in the office but they don’t know who you are, what number they dialed, or if you are even a business.

Very annoying. Cold calls are bad, but this is just plain aggravating!

A Slice Of Big Pauly

I get calls all the time from these scamsters.

They call me all the time on my cell phone saying they have urgent news for me.  Of course, when I try to call them back, they only ask if I want to be placed on a do not call list.

I’m already on THE do not call list, so why should I want to be on their list that they do God knows what with?

I had a run in with one of the numbers 29 Prime used back in March:

And the threat Melissa made came true.  They keep calling back.  From different locales.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I shared with you the numbers they like to use.  I’ve been keeping track of those.  Such as:






Don’t press 2 to be taken off their do not call lists.  If you press 1…

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29 Prime Scam Victim Gets Refund

So many victims of 29 Prime or other Russell Wallace scam sites have been unable to get their money back. Because these guys do shady sales and don’t actually deliver the services they are offering the only thing that they have spent time perfecting is their contract and terms of service that basically stop credit card companies and banks from giving you back your money. Most recently you can see the story from Peter Brenner where he had his credit card refund his money only to have 29 Prime submit the contract and Terms of Service to them and get all that scammed money back! Even though they hadn’t done what they told him they would do!

Well while they are able to get around you getting returns via the bank or credit agency, and while they won’t give you a refund or even return your calls or emails there is something one 29 Prime scam victim did that got his money back! He filed complaints with the FBI, Irvine PD, and cyber crimes agency and after 29 Prime received the notice from the Department of Justice suddenly 29 Prime contacted and refunded all of this guys money!

If this worked for him maybe it can work for you too! File complaints at these agencies: – FTC Federal Trade Commission – IC3 is the internet crime complaint center
You can also call your local FBI field office. 29 Primes main offices would be under the LA Field Office:

Good luck and we hope that you get all of your money back soon!

You can see the full article of this scam victim that got his money back from 29 Prime here: