Reliable Places AKA 29 Prime aka Russell Wallace Now Attempting to Scam Veterans!


These guys have a 2 way scam going. They hire hundreds of people each year promising commissions that everyone meets when in fact less than 2% of the company actually makes more than a thousand dollars working there! Then the other side of the scam are the businesses that are promised marketing services and exposure that they never receive. This all would be bad enough but now these guys have their sights set on veterans!

WE MUST STOP THESE GUYS, veterans have done enough for our us and we can’t just sit back while Russell Wallace and his band of con men hurt even 1 veteran! This scam should have been shut down a long time ago but now the idea that they are going to start conning hard working vets out of their reputation with a promise of pay that they will never receive!!!! This just can’t be allowed to go on.

Here is an article outlining the scam:

These guys post thousands of these up trying to hide the real reviews and reputations of their company but knowing that they are specifically targeting vets is a personal call to action that I hope each reader here will take.  This article says that 29 Prime will be taking advantage of veterans by partnering with “Virtcom Consulting” I am hoping that this means that Virtcom is unaware of the scam that Russell Wallace, 29 Prime, and ReliablePlaces actually are. Here is a quick link to their contact us page. Please make sure you fill it out and let them know the harm that can be done to the vets that are subjected to these guys!
CEO: Doug Freeman

29 Prime in The News

News story and video of the actual news cast can be found on the news channel website:

I was wading through the 1.39 MILLION spam news stories that 29 Prime puts out trying to boost their image and hide the real customer reviews (Yes 1.39 million, take a look for yourself here and I came across a real news story done about them. I am sure they wanted to do everything they can to keep this from showing up anywhere near the front page of the search engines.

Apparently one of the clients 29 Prime scammed was a pre-school in Arizona. The small business owner Cassie was called and told they could get front page exposure and wanted to boost business. She was told there was a money back guarantee if they didn’t get posted as #1 on her key terms and even though it was nearly $1500 she paid for the service and was looking forward to the great advertising.

Well as we all know, 29 Prime will take your money, string you along as long as possible as not give you anything they promise. They will do the one thing they are good at and that is ensure you have no way of getting your money back! After the bad publicity 29 Prime claimed they would give a partial refund, but as usual none of that happened so she ended up having her bank reverse the charges.

This customer was lucky, this was a year ago and even though 29 Prime hasn’t improved their treatment of employees or customers, or improved the service, or their reputation the one thing they did improve was the contract and terms of service to match what the credit card companies require to not give refunds. So while Cassie may have received her money back new customers stuck in this position will not be as lucky. Look at the story listed by another customer here on our blog a couple of weeks ago. You can see he had the charges reversed only to have the new contract get faxed into the company and the money go back to 29 Prime even though they did not give him the services they had promised!

I hope more people are paying attention because Russell Wallace and 29 Prime are really hurting a lot of people and have been for years!

29 Prime Called Out on YouTube!

Yet another Prime example why it is important to do your homework before doing business w/ a telemarketer claiming they are the best at SEO and you need them.

If you really think about it, a good SEO company gets more business for their client than the client pays out. So those clients would give good reviews, and suggest them to their friends. They would grow quickly and wouldn’t be robocalling random people with fake names, fake company names, and all these other games they play to hide who they really are.

Just remember, buyer beware especially if it came from Russell Wallace or 29 Prime!